Color Palettes

One of the strong points of Spaziocontinuo lies in the endless possibilities for personalisation.
Aside from SpazioMetallo, which features 4 matt metallic colours, the Spaziocontinuo range of decorative resins is available in all 2000 NCS and RAL shades.
NCS is the professional colour tool of reference in the wall paints industry, while the RAL range is the tool of reference for metallic surface coatings.
Floor and wall decorative colours can therefore be perfectly matched with other walls or decorative surfaces using the same colour chart.
To make it easier to choose the right colours and obtain the desired effect, Spaziocontinuo proposes a selection of NCS colours categorised into “sensations”, which each of us can relate to: Delicate, Spicy, Lively, Reflective, Airy and Fresh.


S 0500-N
S 1000-N
S 0603-Y40R
S 0804-Y50R
S 1005-Y50R
S 1005-Y30R
S 2005-Y30R
S 2005-Y50R
S 3005-Y50R
S 4005-Y50R
S 5005-Y50R
S 7005-Y50R
S 1002-Y
S 2002-Y
S 4010-Y10R
S 5010-Y10R
S 6010-Y10R
S 7010-Y10R


S 5020-Y10R
S 5030-Y10R
S 6020-Y10R
S 0520-Y20R
S 1020-Y20R
S 2030-Y20R
S 3030-Y20R
S 1020-Y30R
S 1030-Y30R
S 2030-Y30R
S 3030-Y30R
S 6010-Y70R
S 6010-Y50R
S 7010-Y50R
S 6020-Y50R
S 6030-Y50R
S 7010-Y70R
S 6020-Y70R


S 0550-Y10R
S 0570-Y10R
S 1060-Y10R
S 1060-Y20R
S 1080-Y20R
S 0550-Y20R
S 0560-Y30R
S 1070-Y30R
S 0570-Y40R
S 1070-Y50R
S 0560-G90Y
S 0575-G90Y
S 1080-Y90R
S 2070-Y90R
S 4050-Y90R
S 3060-R
S 3060-R10B


S 1500-N
S 2000-N
S 2500-N
S 3500-N
S 5000-N
S 6000-N
S 7000-N
S 1502-R
S 2002-R
S 3502-R
S 1005-R70B
S 2005-R70B
S 1005-R90B
S 2005-R90B
S 8000-N
S 8500-N


S 0520-R90B
S 1030-R90B
S 3030-R90B
S 5040-R90B
S 1050-B10G
S 2055-B10G
S 3060-B10G
S 1020-B
S 1030-B
S 2030-B
S 3030-B
S 1020-B10G
S 2030-B10G
S 3030-B10G
S 1050-B
S 2050-B
S 2060-B
S 3060-B
S 4020-R90B
S 5020-R90B
S 5020-R80B
S 6020-R80B


S 1020-G50Y
S 1020-G30Y
S 2030-G30Y
S 5020-G10Y
S 2050-B90G
S 2060-B90G
S 4050-B90G
S 5040-B70G
S 5010-B70G
S 4020-B70G
S 5020-B70G
S 6020-B30G
S 6030-B30G
S 1050-G70Y
S 1060-G70Y
S 2060-G70Y
S 1060-G50Y
S 2060-G50Y

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