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SpazioMateria EVO

Very delicate surface ripples give the covering a velvety look with elegant plays of light, which highlight the texture naturally obtained by the trowelling technique.

Soft to the touch and intense in colour, it goes with all types of furnishings. Available in the 27 prestigious nuances of the palette by Rinaldo Rinaldi for Spaziocontinuo® and, upon request, in all colours in the NCS and RAL colour charts.


logo litokol nero

Litokol S.p.A.
Via G. Falcone, 13/1
42048 Rubiera (RE) - Italy
Tel +39.0522.622811
Fax +39.0522.620150

Capitale Sociale interamente versato 500.000,00 Euro
Codice fiscale, partita IVA e n. iscrz. imp. RE: IT 00135210359 R.E.A. RE 105330 Mecc. RE 013255